Maverick Coaching Academy



Your business should work for you...not the other way around.

Want to learn how to build a fitness business in the digital age?

Let's take this thing to the next level...

When you became a strength coach, you were following your passion.  You're incredible at what you do (damn right!). But while you were boning up on deadlift form, no one taught you how to run (and grow) your business.

You want more freedom. More clients. More money. More impact.

Maverick Coaching Academy is a 12-week fitness business mentorship, based on 3 core principles...

Nail your business model

Hybrid Training Model

How do you make sure you’re working efficiently?  How do you prevent yourself from trading time for money?  How do you scale this thing, without burning out? You implement a hybrid training model with both in-person and online programming.

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Build a personal brand

Magnetic Branding Method

In a sea of personal trainers, you've gotta find a way to stand out online.  Which've gotta get crystal clear on who your audience is, nail an irresistible offer, bring all the unique swagger and personality you have, and develop some next-level writing chops. Do all that?  And you become magnetic to potential clients. 

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Learn how to sell

Low-Pressure Enrolment System

No one likes sales-y.  No one likes sleazy.  And no one likes showing up to a first date...then getting hit with a proposal at the end of the night.  Play it cool, treat your potential clients like human beings, and learn how to slide into conversations that feel real and relaxed.  No cheesy pickup lines.  No desperate measures.

Megan Pomarensky

"Joining MCA has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Gavin is on the next level of coaching. His methods are straightforward, actionable, and lead to fantastic results in all aspects of business. In a few months, I was hitting goals that I thought were going to take me years. The professional and personal growth that I’ve experienced is beyond what I imagined would come from hiring a business coach."

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